Here are my works for organ, trumpet, Oboe, Voice / Quelques compositions
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TOCCARE for organ op.1, 1979

MYSTICA for organ op.2, 1979

MEDITATIONS for organ op.3, 1980

VARIATIONS SUR UN NOEL for organ op.4, 1980
Editions Delatour France, 2003

TIENTO for organ op.5, 1980
Editions Delatour France, 2003

FINAL SYMPHONIQUE for organ op.6, 1980
Editions Delatour France, 2003

2░ SUITE "IN MEMORIAM" for organ op.7, 1983

MESSE for organ op.8, 1980

DIPTYQUE for organ op.9, 1984

TOURMENTS op.10, 1986
Editions Delatour France, 2003

MINIATURES (studies) for organ op.11, 1991
Editions Delatour France, 2003

DIPTYQUE for organ and trumpet or oboe op.12, 1994
Editions Combre France, 1998

DIPTYQUE for trumpet or oboe and piano op.12, 1994
Editions Combre, 1998

QUOETLEC for organ at 4 hands, 4 feet op.13, 1985

BREHELD for organ at 4 hands op.14, 1986

TWYLEC for flute and organ op.15, 1987

GZETAR Útudes-vocalises for voice and organ op.16, 1996
Editions Delatour France, 2003

POEME POUR LA TERRE for voice and organ op.17, 1997

SYTHERE for organ op.18, 1996

Messe pour tous les Temps for choir & organ, 1997-2015

Johannes Brahms: Geistliche Wiegenlied op.91/2
Alessandro Scarlatti: Airs "GiÓ il sole dal Gange" / "Sento nel core"
Gustav Mahler: "Ging heut morgen Řber's feld" (Lieders Fahrenden Gesellen)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Magnificat BWV 243
(Editions Delatour, France)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Messe KV 427 (Gloria)
Georg Friedrich Haendel: Le Messie (RÚcitatif et air n░ 81)
Charles Gounod: air "Repentir"
(Editions Delatour, France)